Eco-campsite's environmental approach

A "green" eco-camping in France for responsible holidays

Our eco-camping is loving and respectful of nature

In love with and respectful of nature, our eco-camping La Serre is part of an eco-responsible environmental approach:

  • international "green" label,
  • electricity provider through solar panels,
  • reducing water consumption,
  • selective sorting and recycling of green waste,
  • zero chemicals or pollutants,
  • protection and development of flora and fauna.

The eco-camping is certified Green Key

Located in the Ariege region of Occitania, in the heart of unspoilt nature, our campsite has the international Green Key environmental label.

This eco-label guarantees respect for the resources, territory and people of the accommodation and promotes responsible tourism.

A natural and eco-responsible environment: for a weekend or several weeks, our green campsite in Occitania offers you the opportunity to stay in an eco-responsible environment, for a holiday that respects the planet.

Lovers of wide open spaces will be seduced by our vast green estate of about 10.5 hectares where calm reigns. Our accommodations, such as cottages and glamping, are also designed with an ecological approach in mind.

From our eco-camping, lovers of landscapes and walking will be won over by the many hikes available to them.

Enjoy a relaxing environment in total symbiosis with nature, for a green holiday! Through this nature campsite and its installations which preserve biodiversity, we wish to share with you our ecological values where quality and authenticity are at the rendezvous.

The nature campsite runs on solar energy

Thanks to the sunshine we can enjoy in the south of France, we instinctively chose solar energy.

We are producers of electricity by photovoltaic panels.

We produce more than the overall consumption of the campsite.

Concerning the bulbs, we change them as we go along for low-energy bulbs.

To save energy, we invite our guests to favour certain ecological actions such as turning off lights or electric heating when the need is not necessary.

Water at the campsite, a resource to be preserved

On a daily basis, we are committed to reducing our water consumption and we would like to make you aware of this through simple actions:

  • after each use, close the water tap again,
  • do not let the water run unnecessarily, for example when brushing teeth or soaping in the shower,
  • do not throw toxic or harmful products into the water.

Through these daily actions, we can together reduce our environmental impact.

In addition, the limitation of water flows is limited to 6 l/min in our eco-camping.

The campsite's waste processing

Thanks to various installations that are as ecological as possible, our nature campsite is part of an approach to reduce and recycle green waste.

We propose:

  • selective sorting (paper, glass, packaging),
  • as well as composting by lending you bio-sets for collection.

At the reception, a used battery collector is available.

A green campsite in Occitania that respects the environment

For the maintenance of the campsite, no chemical or polluting products are used.

We prefer natural solutions or cleaning products with ecological certification to preserve the environment.

In order to promote biodiversity and preserve the ecosystem, we voluntarily leave a few unsheared areas on our green campsite.

We also shred all the branches that result from the pruning of surrounding trees and hedges. We reuse this crushed wood as natural mulch on our flower beds.

We are committed to a local approach and favour entrepreneurs and craftsmen from the Ariege region.

The preservation of the campsite's fauna and flora

A green and eco-responsible holiday in the south of France, close to nature and animals?

We are committed to preserving protected species and areas, which is why we are classified as an "LPO" shelter (birds protection league). In other words, we have an ecological garden where we are committed to protecting local nature and animals. You will be able to discover many birds there!

Also take advantage of this holiday in our nature campsite to discover the natural sites offered by the Occitania region: underground caves, castles, Fontestorbes fountain... The south of France is rich in cultural and medieval heritage! We provide you with all the information you need for your outdoor activities.

Through our eco-camping La Serre in Ariège, we are committed to responsible tourism and environmentally friendly holidays.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and to share with us this environmental spirit that is so important to us. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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