Eco-camping in the south of France with a rich natural heritage

A 10.5-hectare eco-campground
a natural environment rich in preserved flora and fauna

Preserving the flora and fauna of our nature campsite in Occitanie is one of our permanent ambitions, linked to our values of respect for the environment.

Located in the south of France in the Occitanie region, our nature-friendly campsite enhances its natural heritage through a range of ecological facilities that protect flora and fauna. During your vacation, stroll around our verdant estate and discover its many natural treasures:

  • the diversity of flora
  • wildlife and its different species
  • responsible eco-camping

20 species of orchids at the campsite

At our eco-camp in Ariège, we’ve decided to preserve the flora by planting dry orchid lawns.

Composed mainly of herbaceous perennials, dry lawns thrive on dry, sunny, nutrient-poor soil.

This environment of undeniable ecological interest is one of the last refuges of flora and fauna, threatened daily by human activities. The balance of this ecosystem is fragile, so we ask our guests to respect this sensitive area.

More than 20 orchid species can be found on our dry grasslands. For example, you can observe the Ophrys Apifera. This delicate orchid takes its name from its resemblance to the bee. This uncommon perennial species is one of the most advanced of all plants. The genus name “Ophrys”, found on several orchid species, comes from the Greek word “ophrus” meaning “eyebrow”. In the past, this perennial plant was used to dye hair and eyebrows naturally.

To discover this natural area and observe the flora, the period from April to the end of June is best. In fact, spring is the best season to enjoy flowering plants on sunny walks.
If you’re into macro photography, you’ll be able to take wonderful photos of orchids as a souvenir of your vacation at our nature campsite!

The campsite is classified as an LPO refuge

Protecting wildlife: committed to the preservation of species, our eco-campsite has a natural rhythm. To protect biodiversity, our main step was to become an LPO (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux – League for the Protection of Birds) refuge. The sheep farming of our neighbors, producers of organic lambs, is also.

LPO refuges are the first ecological garden networks in France. Registering as an LPO reserve means that we are committed to preserving nature in our vicinity.

At the heart of our campsite in Occitanie, we’ve created a natural area of over 10.5 hectares. A veritable paradise for our bird friends!

Here you can discover many species of birds, including blackbirds, pheasants, hoopoes, nuthatches, juvenile red-tails and yellow-green woodpeckers.

You’ll also be fascinated by the majestic griffon vulture, one of France’s largest birds of prey. Recognizable by its slow, often round flight, its head is entirely covered in white down.

A multitude of butterfly species at the eco camping site

On the 10.5 hectares of our nature campsite in and around the Ariège region, you’ll find a wide variety of plants and animals. of butterfly species. From Poplar Sphinx to MachaonYou’ll be amazed by the mix of flamboyant and unique colors of these protected species.

While you’re on vacation, discover these flying insects on a walk enjoyed by young and old alike! Responsible eco-camping: respectful of the environment, our eco-campsite in the south of France is committed to protecting flora and fauna thanks to various green installations such as dry orchid lawns and an LPO reserve. During your vacation at our nature campsite, you’ll be able to discover a variety of birds, as well as many species of colorful butterflies. The preservation of biodiversity is important to us, and we’d be delighted to share our environmental work with you on your vacation in France.

If you are sensitive to our ecological spirit, we invite you to discover the
the campsite’s environmental approach