A unique culinary experience at the La Serre eco-camping restaurant near Mirepoix, Ariège

Discover the heart of gastronomy at Éco-Camping La Serre. Between delicious snacks, friendly bars and regional specialities, every bite is an invitation to a gustatory journey.

Snack Gourmet at Éco-Camping La Serre: Flavours and Conviviality

Treat yourself to gourmet moments at Éco-Camping La Serre with our friendly snack bar, open in July and August. Discover our selection of homemade dishes, perfect for a cosy evening or a quick meal to go.

Our varied menu offers crispy pizzas, tasty burgers, fresh salads, charcuterie boards, confits, roast chickens, fries and much more. Our special mussels/frites or paella evenings, organized every other week, are an opportunity to feast and share convivial moments.

Enjoy authentic flavors and a warm atmosphere, ideal for camping evenings. Each dish is a celebration of simplicity and quality, highlighting local produce and the expertise of our team.

Wine bar and artisanal ice creams at Eco-Camping

At the heart ofEco-Camping La Serre, our wine bar is a celebration of the terroirs ofAriège,Aude and the Pyrénées Orientales. Enjoy a meticulous selection of local wines in a warm, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Artisanal Refreshments and Sweets

For sunny days, refresh yourself with our assortment of artisanal ice creams and sundaes. Discover unique, refined flavors created with passion by local artisans.

Pancakes, Waffles and Granitas

Let yourself be tempted by our delicious crêpes and waffles, prepared on site with fresh ingredients. Enjoy our granita desserts too, perfect for a refreshing, gourmet break.

A place of relaxation and quality

Our bar is the perfect place for an aperitif with friends or a sweet treat after a day of adventure. The bar is a relaxing space where you can unwind while enjoying quality products reflecting the charm and richness of our region.

Regional gastronomic escapade around Eco-Camping

Explore the authentic flavors of the region by visiting the local restaurants around Eco-Camping La Serre. These establishments, selected for their quality and authenticity, invite you to discover a rich and varied regional gastronomy.

Let yourself be tempted by traditional dishes, prepared with care and passion, reflecting the region’s terroir and culinary culture. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a family meal or a night out with friends, these restaurants offer an unforgettable dining experience, just a stone’s throw from where you’re staying.

Experience the authenticity of a regional meal, where every ingredient tells the story of its origin, and every dish is a culinary work of art. Immerse yourself in the local art of living and enrich your getaway with exquisite culinary discoveries.