The large swimming pool at La Serre eco-camp near Mirepoix, Ariège

Immerse yourself in refreshment and relaxation at the large swimming pool on our eco-campsite in Occitania. An aquatic area designed for pleasure and safety, where every swim becomes a moment of pure happiness under the southern French sun. Discover the main pool, whirlpool and paddling pool, all designed for your comfort and well-being.

Enjoy a large, secure swimming pool at the campsite

The swimming pool area at our eco-campsite in Occitania

During your vacation in Occitanie, in our vast green campsite, discover our large swimming pool where pleasure and conviviality mingle to the delight of young and old alike! To make the most of the sunshine and vacations in the south of France, there’s nothing better than a swim in the great outdoors.

To help you enjoy a moment of pure relaxation, we’ve set up our pool area with equipment for everyone’s pleasure and safety.

  • Secured swimming pool
  • Large basin
  • Whirlpool bath
  • SolariumPaddling pool

Large pool and swimming in the heart of nature

An outdoor swimming pool is at your disposal at our campsite in Ariège, in the heart of nature where calm reigns. Our pool has 3 distinct zones:

Main pool: this area is dedicated to swimming, where you can do a few laps or lengths for those who love to swim. You can also take a refreshing dip in the water and admire the lush green surroundings. Thanks to its de-stressing properties, water allows you to let go and truly relax.

Whirlpool bath : treat yourself to a moment of comfort and zenitude in our whirlpool baths. Ideal after a hike or a sporting activity, the whirlpool brings well-being to body and mind. Thanks to the delicate pressure exerted on the body by the water jets, it loosens knots and relaxes muscles like a real massage.
For sports enthusiasts, a session in a whirlpool bath is beneficial for relieving muscle fatigue. It makes recovery easier and prevents muscle soreness.

Paddling pool: an aquatic area dedicated to the little ones. The paddling pool allows parents to bathe baby safely and splash around in the water together. A perfect place to introduce your child to the joys of water.

A natural solarium in Ariège!

For a relaxing moment during your nature camping vacation, relax in our natural solarium. The poolside area is equipped with deckchairs and parasols for safe sunbathing.
For those who don’t like sunbathing or sunbathing, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Reading a good book, playing a game or doing a crossword puzzle, spend a pleasant moment by the pool with friends or family.

A secure location

At our eco-campsite in the Ariège region, safety, especially for children, is one of our top priorities. To remedy this situation, our natural swimming pool is equipped with a fence. These protective barriers completely close off access to the pool. In addition to safety, parental supervision is mandatory.

A secure outdoor swimming pool and a natural solarium await you for a vacation in the south of France where comfort and relaxation are the watchwords. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine of our eco-campsite in Occitanie! ☀️