A medieval castle in the heart of Ariège

Discover Château de Lagarde, a historic 11th-century bastion in Ariège, near Mirepoix. Once built by Ramire I of Navarre, the château has evolved over the centuries from defensive fortress to pleasure palace. Its square structure, flanked by four monumental towers and surrounded by enclosures and moats, bears witness to a rich historical past. Although reduced to ruins since the French Revolution, Château de Lagarde retains traces of its elegance and power of yesteryear, inviting you to immerse yourself in French medieval history.

The Vestiges of Lagarde:
Witnesses to a bygone era

Château de Lagarde is located in the French commune of Lagarde, in Ariège, near Mirepoix.

Built in XIth century by Ramire I of Navarre on a hill overlooking the Hers-Vif valley, it underwent a number of alterations over the centuries, initially for defensive purposes (until the mid-16th century), and then in the 17th century to transform it into a splendid pleasure palace.

The château is built on a square plan, with four monumental quadrangular towers flanking the residential buildings. The complex is enclosed by several successive enclosures, terraces and ditches.

The château gradually fell into disrepair after the French Revolution. By the beginning of the 20th century, all that remained were vestiges of its former splendor and grandeur.

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