Green Escape to the Bamboo Heart of Ariège

The Parc aux Bambous, a green setting in the Ariège region of France, invites you on a sensory journey through over 200 species of bamboo. Spanning 5 hectares, this century-old garden has been awarded the “Remarkable Garden” label and offers a complete change of scenery, combining art, nature and serenity. The diversity of the flora, including rare bamboos, grasses and an orchard of ancient apple trees, creates a unique landscape where aesthetics and ecology blend harmoniously.

More than a Garden: A Place for Culture and Relaxation

Le Parc aux Bambous goes beyond the traditional garden concept. With works of art scattered along its paths, a specialized nursery and a restaurant serving Indonesian specialties, the park is positioned as a cultural and culinary space.
Visitors can also benefit from expert advice on how to integrate bamboos into their own gardens, adding an educational dimension to their visit.