A Unique Natural Spectacle

Just 17.6 km from the campsite, the intermittent Fontestorbes fountain, accessible in 1h05 by bike or 3h40 on foot, is a captivating natural phenomenon. Reputed to be the most spectacular fountain in the world, this giant fountain, shrouded in mystery and legend, has fascinated people since Antiquity. With an impressive flow rate of 1,800 liters per second for 36 minutes, followed by a 32-minute pause, it offers an unrivalled natural spectacle. This unique phenomenon takes place from July to October, inviting visitors to discover one of Ariège’s hidden treasures.

Discover the Intermittent Fountain
of Fontestorbes

  • Distance from campsite: 17.6 kms
  • Duration of bike ride: 1h05 (one way)
  • Walking time: 3h40 (one way)
  • Start: the eco-camp

A unique and mysterious spot in Ariège, just 1 hour’s bike ride from the eco-campsite: this intermittent fountain is the most spectacular in the world, known since Antiquity.

This giant fountain is so curious that it has always been said to be inhabited by fairies. While there are other intermittent sources in France and around the world, none has such a regular flow.

In fact, 1,800 liters per second flow through it at peak flow for 36 minutes. Then it stops for 32 minutes.

This intermittent phenomenon occurs during the dry season, from July to around October.

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