Croisière Souterraine Enchanteuse

Just 45 minutes from the campsite, embark on an exceptional cruise on the “Venice of the Ariege”. This unique adventure takes you 60 meters underground, aboard a 12-person boat, through a fascinating underground world. The tour, with commentary, reveals an underground river stretching 1.5 km, dotted with rooms and galleries adorned with natural concretions. The Salette waterfall adds unrivalled majesty to the experience. This cruise is more than just a stroll; it’s an immersion in a mysterious and majestic universe, offering discoveries at every turn and promising unforgettable memories.

The “Venice of the Ariege

Just 45 minutes from the campsite, get ready for a unique adventure with a cruise on the “Venice of the Ariege”. This unique experience plunges you 60 meters underground, into a mysterious and captivating subterranean world. You’ll be comfortably seated in a 12-person boat, ready for an unforgettable voyage.

The guided tour takes in an underground river stretching for almost 1.5 km. The long and varied itinerary takes you through sublime chambers and galleries, embellished by an abundance of concretions and gours. These natural formations create a magical backdrop, transforming every moment of the visit into a dazzling visual experience.

The highlight of this underground adventure is crossing the Salette waterfall, a natural wonder that adds a touch of majesty to your exploration. During the cruise, you’ll be enveloped by the silence and beauty of this hidden world, while learning about its geological formation and fascinating history.

This tour is not just a simple boat ride, but an immersion in an extraordinary environment, where every turn offers a new discovery. It’s the perfect opportunity for those looking to get away from it all and experience an extraordinary adventure. The “Venice of the Ariege” promises a relaxing and enriching experience, leaving lasting memories of your stay near the campsite.