Caves and archaeological heritage in Occitanie, France

Visit the prehistoric caves of the Ariege south of France region

Follow in the footsteps of our Ancestors

Archaeological tourism in Ariege: visit underground caves a few minutes by car. From our eco-camping site, explore the underground caves of Ariege, which are the result of a fantastic archaeological history.

You will discover that Occitania has many underground treasures:

  • the cave of Niaux and its paintings still open to the public,
  • the Lombrives cave and its record area in Europe,
  • the cave of Mas d'Azil,
  • the underground river of Labouiche...

So many natural and historical surprises to discover during a weekend or a summer holiday at the campsite. In love with underground spaces, archaeological caves await you in Midi-Pyrenees Occitanie.

Cave of Niaux

  • 45 minutes from the campsite

The cave of Niaux dates from the Paleolithic era and is one of the last decorated caves still open to the public.

By the light of a lamp, with the emotion of an explorer, for 800 meters, follow the steps of the guide and access the Black room.

Are available to you:

  • a majestic room with more than 80 animal paintings, remarkably executed with black lines,
  • associated with enigmatic geometric signs.

Cave of Lombrives, the largest in Europe

  • 40 minutes from the campsite

The cave of Lombrives, the largest in Europe, has been in the Guiness of Records for 26 years.

This exceptional cave is discovered with a small train.

Its rooms are majestic with really impressive dimensions.

The long tours take the visitor to a world full of mysteries and leave unforgettable impressions.

Cave of Mas d'Azil

  • 1 hour from the campsite

The cave of Mas d'Azil is one of the most gigantic prehistoric caves, excavated for a century and a half. It traces the first Cro-Magnon men 35,000 years ago.

The cave offers a unique spectacle with the possibility of crossing it by car and visiting a number of rooms where you can observe paintings and bones.

Underground river of Labouiche or "Venise Ariegeoise"

  • 45 minutes from the campsite

You embark here for a most unusual cruise on the "Venice of Ariege".

The tour is guided and commented 60 m underground, comfortably seated in a boat of 12 people.

You will follow the underground river for about 1.5 km.

The exceptionally long and varied itinerary leads you from room to room in galleries, decorated with a multitude of concretions and gours, passing through the Salette waterfall.

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